About AMA

AMA is an artist born and raised throughout the Midwest, and currently resides in New Mexico. She studied art at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas and soon after became a wife, and mother.  She has been nothing less than obsessed with making art since childhood and was always encouraged to pursue her dreams. Her artwork is typically two dimensional and often features themes of nature, most commonly insects. 


Insects are a very common theme in my artwork and I have been heavily influenced by them. To me, insects represent the outcasts in society. Most of my life I was considered the "other" by my peers and I see that same "otherness" reflected in the way insects are treated and seen by a majority of people. Weird, gross, annoying, scary, strange: words that are commonly used to describe insects, and words I once felt other people used to describe me. I, on the other hand, found the beauty, intricacies, uniqueness, and purpose in insects, and discovered I could find those same things in myself. Insects have become a very near and dear subject matter for me, whether I'm simply rendering them, or using them as an allegory for the "others" in my work. Hopefully they'll not only help my viewers to appreciate insects for their beauty an purpose, but also appreciate their fellow weird, strange, and unique peers. 

Thank you for reading,